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Mixed origins

With colonisation, interethnic marriage between Kanaks and Europeans was frequent, particularly in the North far from everything, where the settlers were far more often men than women, due to their convict origin or more generally the tough living conditions.
With the construction of the country, and the rise of mining in the 1880s, various Asian communities were “imported” to work at the hardest tasks in the mines or on other large sites. In this way numerous Vietnamese, Indonesians and Japanese came to share their blood with the Kanaks and the European pioneers.
Today, the population in the North Province is very mixed, and skin colour goes from very light to very dark often in the same family.
This mixing, the cement of a joint identity that is still being built, is also cultural: Kanaks and Caldoches will willingly get together to dance a Tahitian waltz played on the ukulele and taste bami or sweet pork; kaneka music will shamelessly borrow a few chords of country guitar and everyone will come together for the great rodeo at the Koumac Fair!