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In New Caledonia nature lovers are numerous and their desire to conserve this incomparable biodiversity sustainably is now shared by everyone. Here is some basic information to help you get to know the New Caledonian environment better. Fragile and sensitive to human disruption, its ecosystems with their high levels of endemic species are extremely rich. The North Province has and maintains around 5 000 hectares of dry forest on its West Coast and in the North, which, since 2001, has been incorporated into a territorial conservation programme.

The registration of a large part of the New Caledonian reef on the World Heritage List, by UNESCO in July 2008, propelled New Caledonia onto the international stage, and obliges it both to conserve and enhance this priceless asset.

Adopted in October 2008, the North Province’s Environment Code translates awareness of environmental issues and sustainable development into public policies for the province. It was developed in close cooperation with the South Province and the New Caledonian Government’s legal services. It deals with both protection and enhancement of natural heritage and biological, genetic and biochemical resources and also with fishing and mineral resources, pollution prevention and waste management. Book III, relating to management of natural resources, establishes the conditions for carrying out and practising fishing.